7 Best Portable AC – Portable Cooling Comfort for Your Home

However, we all know that a central air conditioner can be very expensive, and a window-mounted type is not always an option since you need to alter a part of your home.

Well, you don’t have to settle with a central air, window-mounted, or an electric fan just to beat the summer heat.

Portable air conditioners are becoming a lot more popular these days because they are affordable, extremely convenient, and best of all, effective.

With their portable nature, you can easily move the unit in and out of different rooms, depending on your needs.

The best clincher is that they’re a lot more affordable than central air and more powerful than most window-mounted types.

For this article, we pick the best portable AC units that you can buy from the market.

Comparison Table

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How We Chose Our Ratings

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Sorting through the best portable air conditioning units is no easy task. We know that all too well. So, we did the hard part of researching and testing the products for a few hours (not really few), so you don’t have to. We know that our readers have trusted us to provide them with recommendations that will help them make an informed purchase.

It’s important for us to be informative, accurate and honest.

For this list, we have taken into account some key factors like portability, dimensions, specs, features, and price. We also checked the user reviews and feedback for each of the models to ensure that the list is populated with portable ACs that people actually liked.

Let’s get to it!

7 Best Portable AC Models for Your Home

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS Portable Air

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  • Weight: 60
  • Dimensions:
    17 x 29.5 x 16 inches
  • Noise
    level (dBA): <52
  • Cooling
    12,000 BTU
  • Key features: Patented auto drain function, three operational modes, Includes window kit, Casters for easy mobility, Digital operation with remote control

The dual-house Whynter Elite ARC-122DS Portable Air Conditioner is one of our top picks mainly due to its cooling performance.

This unit draws the least infiltration air which is basically the hot air that’s sucked in from the outside of the room that you’re trying to cool. The 12,000 BTU is certainly no
slouch and can effectively cool a room up to 400 square feet.

Although it’s a bit difficult to pin down the energy consumption with a portable model, we believe that the Whynter Elite is one of the most efficient units out there. Also, it’s certainly a great boon that it’s a very quiet air conditioner. It’s a true portable AC unit as it’s smaller and lighter than most “portable” models available.

As of this writing, the Whynter Elite is on sale so better check it out before it goes away.

Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable Air

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  • Weight: 61.7
  • Dimensions:
    15.2 x 18.1 x 29.4 inches
  • Noise
    level (dBA): 51 to 54
  • Cooling
    10,000 BTU
  • Key features: Washable Filtration System, Auto evaporation, Built-in dehumidifier with continuous drain system, Feather-Touch Control Panel & Display

The Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable Air Conditioner is another stellar AC unit that offers decent cooling power and enough bells and whistles.

The Honeywell MN10CESWW boasts a minimalist design that should look good in any living space. The 10,000 BTU cooling capacity should have no problem cooling a 350-square-feet room. Since this is a portable AC unit, you can easily transfer this cooling beast from the living room to the bedroom.

The Auto evaporation adds a great deal of convenience because there’s no bucket or tray for you to empty. The filter system does a great job of filtering dust, pet dander and hair. Once things get too nasty, you can just easily wash the filter, no problem.

This air conditioner uses a dual-motor technology which also equates lower noise levels. At 51 to 54 decibels, that’s about as loud as two people having a normal conversation in a

It’s a full-featured portable unit that delivers on all fronts.

LG LP1215GXR Portable Air Conditioner

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  • Weight: 61.7
  • Dimensions:
    16.9 x 13.8 x 32.7 inches
  • Noise
    level (dBA): -
  • Cooling
    12,000 BTU
  • Key features: Dehumidification function, Stylish black design, Easy to clean filters and tubes, Oscillating Air Vent technology, Programmable 24-hour on/off timer

One of the first things you’ll notice about the LG LP1215GXR Portable Air Conditioner is its sleek, black design. So, if you have a home with a modern design, this unit should have no problem blending.

However, this model is not all about the looks.

The LG LP1215GXR features a BTU rating of 12,000 as per ASHRAE-128 standard and 7,000 BTU if we’re going with the DOE 2017 standard. The unit can provide a nice, cooling comfort for rooms up to 300 square feet. This air conditioning unit also has a dehumidification function which works in the air at a rate of 1.2 pints per hour.

The oscillating air vent mechanism is a pretty neat feature that works to efficiently circulate cold air throughout the room. Yup, this AC unit does a very good job of eliminating hotspots for that total comfort wherever you are in the room.

LG has always been a reputable brand and this air conditioner is a testament to that.

Black + Decker Portable Air Conditioner

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  • Weight: 52.9
  • Dimensions:
    16.5 x 11.5 x 26 inches
  • Noise
    level (dBA): 75 on high setting
  • Cooling
    8,000 BTU
  • Key features: Remote Control, LED Digital Display, Slide Out Filter, Works in double hung or sliding windows, Easy Mobility

Black and Decker is one of the most well-known hardware and home improvement companies in the United States. The Black + Decker Portable Air Conditioner is an excellent addition to the company’s product line.

For less than $300, this AC unit is definitely a budget-friendly option. Despite being affordable, the unit is solidly built and offers a decent performance. Perhaps the standout feature of this air conditioner is the vertical ventilation system. The design really helps improve the airflow of the system, allowing you to quickly cool off all the spaces in the room.

The 8,000 BTU (or 5,000 BTU according to the 2017 regulation change) isn’t the most powerful in this list but it certainly makes up in other areas. Despite being a budget option, this AC packs plenty of useful features. It comes with a window kit that makes it easier to install. The caster wheels also add a great deal of portability to the unit.

Overall, this is a quality portable air conditioner that won’t break the bank.

JHS A001-10KR/D Portable Air

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  • Weight: 53
  • Dimensions:
    12.6 x 14.6 x 28.7 inches
  • Noise
    level (dBA): ≤ 54
  • Cooling
    10,000 BTU
  • Key features: 2018 upgraded compressor, Three modes, Digital LED panel, All-direction stainless castors, Tool-free installation, 3-in-1 Design

JHS is not the most popular out there but it’s a company known for their quality but affordable AC units. The JHS A001-10KR/D Portable Air Conditioner is a fairly new release, and it has already managed to catch our attention.

It’s a 3-in-1 design which means that you have three functions integrated into the unit: air conditioner, dehumidifier, and fan. This 10,000 BTU is capable of cooling off an area up to
220 square feet. So, it’s a good option for cooling a small room or office.

As mentioned, it also comes with a dehumidifier. If you live in an area where it’s hot and humid, this unit will help you achieve that nice, cooling comfort. With three fan speeds and a 50.7 pints per day dehumidifier capacity, this is a highly versatile portable AC for a great price.

There’s also an LED digital display which clearly shows the important information that you need to know such as the current room temperature. When the room is at the right temperature, you can use the sleep mode to save even more energy.

It’s a powerful, very efficient, and versatile portable air conditioner, what more can you ask for?

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  • Weight: 85
  • Dimensions:
    12.6 x 12.6 x 36.8 inches
  • Noise
    level (dBA): -
  • Cooling
    12,000 BTU
  • Key features: Wi-Fi ready, Frigidaire smart app for mobile operation, 360-Degree airflow, 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds, 24-hour on/off timer, Auto cool function, Energy saver mode

The Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner is not exactly cheap. However, it can also be the smartest appliance in your home.

For starters, it’s a 12,000 BTU air conditioner that’s capable of cooling off a 550-square-foot room. The 360-degree airflow is also a nice addition, and it helps the unit to cool off every bit of space in the room as quick as possible. There are three cooling speeds and 24-hour on/off timer which are both fairly standard but it’s still nice to see.

However, what makes this portable AC unit special is the fact that it’s actually Wi-Fi ready. With the use of the Frigidaire smartphone app, you can freely control the AC in ways that are not possible with a standard remote. For example, you can turn on the AC before you even get. Plus, it’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

It’s definitely an air conditioner that really pushes the limits of tech.

COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner

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  • Weight: -
  • Dimensions:
    12 x 28.1 x 13.3 inches
  • Noise
    level (dBA): 55
  • Cooling
    10,000 BTU
  • Key features: Multiple modes, 24-hour programmable timer, LED display panel, Remote control, Auto condensate circle

The COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner is highly recommended if you want the best portable AC with a no-nonsense approach.

As you can see from its design, this unit is designed with practicality and core function in mind. It features a pretty decent 10,000 BTU power which is enough to cool off a 200-square-foot area. This is a cost-effective option for small rooms, apartments, dorms, and more.

The unit employs an up and down air deflection which facilitates good airflow, so the entire room is cooled in no time. There are also multiple modes, so it’s also a versatile unit. Best of all, this Costway AC is just affordable with a sub $250 price.

Portable AC Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a portable air conditioner for your home,
here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

1. What Size of the Portable AC do I Need?

Portable ACs are rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. Basically, models with higher BTU ratings mean that it offers more cooling power and better coverage. Before buying your portable AC, make sure that it’s appropriate for your space so you don’t waste energy and money.

Most portable ACs will list their BTU rating and effective coverage in their specifications, so be sure to check for those.

2. How Much Maintenance can I Handle?

Fortunately, many portable ACs are not that intensive when it comes to maintenance.

At most, the only maintenance step you need is to drain collected moisture. Depending on the model, there are multiple ways to remove the moisture which usually involve removing a pan or container and empty as needed.

However, there are also portable ACs that feature fully self-evaporative designs which automatically evaporate most of the collected water.

3. Is Noise a Concern?

Portable air conditioners do create some noise since the unit is housed inside your space. If noise is a concern, check for decibel (dB) levels created by the unit.

Needless to say, the quieter the unit, the more expensive it is.

4. Is Energy Efficiency a Concern?

Whether it’s for the sake of the environment or your monthly utility bills, it’s always a good thing to have an energy-efficient portable AC.

To determine the energy-efficiency of a unit, check the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The EER informs you just much BTUs are utilized for each watt of power. Basically, units with a higher EER means it’s more energy efficient.

Which Portable AC Unit Will You Choose?

black airconditioners

Image source: Pixabay

That wraps up our list of the best portable AC units that you can get in the market right now.

Hopefully, this quick guide has helped you choose the right portable cooling solution for your home or office. Well, at the very least, we’re hoping that we have managed to point you in the right direction.

Looking to Beat the Scorching Summer Heat? Then You Best Get Yourself a Trane Air Conditioner

When it comes to air conditioners, many homeowners swear by their Trane air conditioner. That’s because Trane knows exactly when they are doing when it comes to designing and engineering air conditioners that blow the competition away. Oh, and keeping you cool at the same time.

So what is it that makes Trane air conditioners a cut above the rest?

Well, if you are looking for an AC unit and just don’t know which one to get, you’ll be glad to have happened upon this Trane air conditioner review today. But before we look at the best Trane air conditioner you should get for your home, let’s look at Trane as the company first. After all, by knowing who makes these fabulous air conditioners, you’ll know the pedigree of the AC unit that’s keeping your home cool and inviting.


100 Years of Heating and Cooling Homes

trane site

visit website: www.trane.com

Trane Incorporated is a manufacturer of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Incorporated by father (James) and son (Reuben) team in 1913, Trane has been known as an industry leader and innovator ever since.  Trane Inc. is a subsidiary of the global giant, Ingersoll Rand, and is also the successor company to the American Standard Companies.

Trane Inc. makes heating HVAC systems under the Trane and American Standard brand names. And both are very reliable premium air conditioners if I may say so.

As for headquarters, Trane has theirs in Swords, Ireland. That, perhaps, is the reason they are on the cutting edge of HVAC technology – both on the consumer and commercial levels.

The Trane Air Conditioner Review – A Brief Overview of this Top-notch Air Conditioner

Trane has been making high-performance central air conditioning units for a long time. Units that help maintain comfortable temperatures in your home in all seasons. With Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings of up to 22, you can trust a Trane air conditioner to help you save on your energy bill. This puts Trane air conditioners at the top of the best air conditioner hierarchy.

No products found.


When it comes to design and engineering, Trane air conditioners have a whole lot more going for them than just good looks. Featuring aluminum coils that incorporate fins, you can expect enhanced airflow and fewer leaks as compared to copper coils. As for the refrigerant, Trane has moved from the chlorine and Bromine-based refrigerants that are harmful to the environment and uses R-410A.

As it often goes with innovators like Trane, their products always aim at making life easier. That’s exactly what you get from a Trane air conditioner, especially with their innovative TruComfort features. This is a feature that is designed to efficiently reduce humidity as they have longer run times at lower speeds (as compared to other ACs). This means they are better equipped to dehumidify a room than their competitors.

One fear many consumers have when looking for a powerful air conditioner is noise. Let me quickly allay your fears in this regard concerning Trane air conditioners. Thanks to impeccable engineering and a great cover that insulates sound well, Trane air conditioners have an average noise level of 70.1 dB, making them lower than the industry average of 71.25 dB. Bringing it closer to home, it simply means you can enjoy a good night’s sleep or enjoy an evening in front of the telly without being annoyed by the noise of your Trane air conditioner.


If you are looking for a modern air conditioner that is future proof, then getting a Trane air conditioner is the best thing you can do for yourself and your home. The Trane line of air conditioners features ComfortLink II communication technology, a proprietary technology that makes the air conditioners smart. ComfortLink II allows you to control your Trane air conditioner remotely from your tablet, smartphone, or any other smart device. However, to fully utilize it, you will have to unlock some advanced features by paying a monthly subscription.


When it comes to warranties, we wish Trane could have been more innovative in this department as well. Trane air conditioners, sadly, come with industry standard warranties – which are actually not bad at all. For instance, the Trane XR series central air conditioners come with a 10-year warranty, while the XL and XV models receive a 12-year cover. But that is if you register your Trane air conditioner within 60 days of installation.

Every Trane air conditioner also comes with a 10-year warranty on the outdoor coil and other internal components, something most AC manufacturers offer. Failure to register your Trane air conditioner will shorten the warranty on the compressor and parts to 5 years.

Now that you have a better understanding of what you are getting when you get a Trane air conditioner, let’s look at some of the most popular and reliable models you can choose from.


3 Models You Need to Know

two outdoor air conditioner

image via Pixabay

Ready to bring a Trane air conditioner home?

With such a vast product line, it can be quite confusing to know which model to pick. Don’t worry, keep your cool, and read on. Below are some of the models that you can depend on to turn your home into a cool oasis no matter the blazing hot temperatures outside. One thing that makes these Trane air conditioners stand out from the competition is the great value for money they offer.



trane xr13

Image via Trane

The Trane XR13 is a single stage compressor air conditioner that has a SEER rating of up to 14.5. This means the unit will efficiently and effectively heat up your room in no time and save you a couple of bucks in utility bills while doing it.

Some things to look forward to in this popular Trane air conditioner include a robust and advanced technology Climatuff compressor, a Spine Fin outdoor coil, and a sound insulator. These are components that ensure smooth running, efficiency, and low noise levels. Speaking of sound, the Trane XR13 comes with an integrated fan system that not only helps with efficiency but also does a good job at noise reduction.

As or durability, the Trane XR13 comes with baked-on powder paint that helps prevent rusting of the body while the base pan is non-corrosive thanks to DuraTuff technology that prevents, apart from rust, warping and cracking.

This superb Trane air conditioner is definitely one to look out for whether you’re looking to augment your current HVAC system or the only one you have for your room. The only downside is that the Trane XR13 doesn’t come with ComfortLink II communicating technology.



trane xv18

Image via Trane

If you are looking for a variable-speed air conditioner, the Trane XV18 is it. This Trane air conditioner has a SEER rating of up to 18. And thanks to its ClimaTuff variable speed compressor, sound insulator, and an integrated fan system, this particular Trane air conditioner is as quiet as a ghost as it only registers a mere 55 decibels of noise.

The Trane XV18 features an aluminum Spine Fin coil which helps provide optimal heat transfer while keeping the coils corrosion free. Installation has never been easier as the Trane XV18 features a simplified 2-wire connection that makes installing easy.

Durability is another advantage that this Trane air conditioner will bring to your home as the galvanized steel louvered panels come coated in with corrosion resistant powder paint and the DuraTuff base pan that is widely known to be amongst the best on the market.

The Trane XV18 comes equipped with ComfortLink II communicating technology. This means the components can communicate for increased efficiency. It also means the system can self-diagnose when something goes wrong. This communication technology also enables you to communicate with your air conditioner via your smart device.

For keeping your home nice and cool, this is one of the best air conditioners you can employ. And the cherry on top is that this Trane air conditioner is Energy Star certified. So you can definitely trust it when it comes to efficiency and savings.

This Trane air conditioner may be pricey, but it will definitely pay you back in savings on your utility bill and also the unit’s durability.




Image via Trane

The Trane XV20i is one of the best air conditioners made by Trane. This is a high-efficiency air conditioning system that offers up to a whopping 21 SEER performance. The reason this Trane air conditioner is so efficient is because it uses dual compressors. This setup (of a smaller compressor coupled to a larger one) maximizes efficiency by consistently operating with the smaller compressor and only switches to the larger one when the system detects a drastic temperature change. With this system, it’s like having 2 units in a single housing unit.

No matter your room size, you’ll be glad to know that there is a Trane XV20i with enough power to keep it cool as it comes in 4 different sizes, namely a 2-ton, 3-ton, 4-ton, and 5-ton unit. The Trane XV20i also features, apart from the dual compressor, an adjustable fan motor, and a well-designed compressor sound insulator that do a great job of ensuring that the AC unit runs quietly.

For increased efficiency and ease of use, the Trane XV20i is also equipped with Trane's proprietary technology, the ComfortLink II system. Apart from enabling the components within the Trane XV20i, this system can also connect to your smart device so you can easily adjust the air conditioner’s settings remotely. This makes it so you arrive to an already chilled house. The ComfortLink II technology also helps prolong the life of the AC unit as it ensures that the unit is always operating at its optimum level.

As with every Trane air conditioner, this model is also built to last, thanks to the galvanized steel cabinets, a rustproof base pan, and zinc-coated screws and fasteners. Add a powder-paint finish and you have a Trane air conditioner that will be as durable as the best of them – maybe even so.

If your pockets are deep enough (air con only) for an AC unit, then this is definitely the Trane air conditioner to invest in.


The Best Trane Air Conditioner for Your Home

thumbs up

image via Pixabay

The search for an exceptional air conditioner should not be a difficult task. That’s because Trane has made it easier for you by designing and engineering excellent air conditioners that are rated among the best on the market. Your search for a cooling system should end here – with a Trane air conditioner.

And if you are struggling to make up your mind as to which Trane air conditioner you should have installed in your house, you should consider the Trane XV20i. Although it may be a pricey unit that commands a premium in the region for the unit alone, it definitely is worth the investment. However, if budget is an issue, perhaps you can settle for Trane XR13.

Whichever Trane air conditioner you opt for, one thing is certain – it will keep your home nice, cool, and comfortable for years to come.