Air Conditioning Brands

Carrier, Lenox and Coolerado are some of the air conditioning brands wit new models

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Three Different Air Conditioner Brands

There are different brands of air conditioners on the market today. Here are three different brands with unique abilities to save money on your electric bill while keeping you cool. Each is new on the market today. If you are planning to upgrade your system this year, invest in a model that will pay for itself.

The Lenox Solar Ready Air Conditioner

Lenox has married conventional solar air conditioning and solar power in a new unit. This is the first of its kind on the market today. The Solar-Ready air conditioner has a SEER rating of 24. This is the highest rating available. The unit is hooked up to two solar panels on the roof. The solar panels provide part of the unit’s power during the day. These units can save the average homeowner up to 60% on the air conditioning bill. Proper insulation is essential for the best savings.

Carrier’s Infinity System

The Infinity system is the first on the market to effectively maintain temperature, humidity, air speed and ventilation. It uses eco-friendly Puron as a refrigerant. This system is designed to eliminate static hot spots. Hot spots are those annoying places in the house that seem impossible to cool during the summer months. This unit is designed to operate most of the time in low mode while keeping the house cool. This saves money over the life of the unit. The best part of this unit is the quietness. At a mere 68 decibels, it is about as loud as a human conversation.

Coolerado’s M30 Air Conditioner

Coolerado has introduced a unit that claims it can cut air conditioning costs by as much as 90%. The M30 uses under 450 watts of power to cool the house. That’s less than a space heater, coffee pot or a ceiling fan. The evaporative cooler cools incoming air with a series of stages. The system is sized for houses 1,500 square feet and less. That means it is available for millions of homes across the United States.

No matter which unit you choose to add to your new or existing home, there are units available that will save enough money to pay for itself and keep earning you savings over years to come.

Three Simple Steps to Reduce Central Air Conditioning Repair Costs

There are ways to keep central air conditioning repair costs downRepairs are often unexpected expenses that people try to avoid. Central air conditioning units are essential to maintaining environmental comfort. Keeping repair costs low can be essential to maintaining budgets. There are three things people can do to reduce the overall costs associated with repair of their central air conditioning units.

Routine Maintenance and Inspection

Most people underestimate the value of maintenance. By having annual inspections done, home owners can prolong the lifespan of their air conditioners and reduce the frequency of unexpected repairs. Professionals are able to find potential problems that are easy to fix. These small problems can lead to larger, more expensive, repairs if they go unchecked.

Keep the Unit Clean

There are many parts to an air conditioning unit. Keeping them clean allows them to run with maximum efficiency. When filters are not changed, the units must work longer to cool the air. It also reduces the amount of air that can be moved through the system. The harder and longer a system has to work, the more likely it is that the unit will break down. Make sure that filters are changed at least once or twice a year. Clean up around the central air unit and air handlers. This reduces the amount of dust and dirt that can clog the system up.

Reduce Use

Reducing the amount of time that the air conditioning unit runs will reduce the wear on components. This reduces the frequency of repairs and the overall operational costs. Reducing use does not mean that comfort must be sacrificed. The use of fans can efficiently move conditioned air through the building without needing to force the air conditioning to run. Proper insulation can keep air in the home cooler for longer periods of time. This results in the system not running as long and not as prone to break down.

These are three simple steps that can reduce the unexpected expenses of central air conditioning repair. All of them are cheaper than most repairs and save money on premature replacement of the air conditioning system. Professionals are able to make sure that any air conditioning unit is running at peak performance. They are also able to let home owners know when the cost of repairs exceed the costs of having a new system installed. Always leave repairs to professionals to make sure that they are done properly.

Why Hire a Professional Air Conditioning Service?

Hire a pro in air conditioning service to ensure quality workYou may be tempted to use handy men services or do it yourself for air conditioning repair. Many people make the mistake of trying to save money by not hiring a licensed, professional for air conditioning service. The end result can cost you issues far more than what you save in hiring non-professionals.

Tools and Training

Professional air conditioning services have overhead of state of the art tools, testers and training. Tools and training make sure that they are able to diagnose problems far more accurately than handy men. A missed problem can cause you to waste time and money having to make additional repairs because the problems were missed. People without the proper training may actually cause more damage because of improper repairs.

Licenses and Certifications

Air conditioning services should be fully licensed before they should even be considered. Certifications and licenses are required in many areas and show that the workers are fully trained in all local safety codes. This can prevent you from having to deal with work that is not done properly or may not be done up to the proper safety regulations. Licensing protects you from unscrupulous businesses that prey on people looking to find a cheap deal. Without proper licensing, if there is a dispute it is difficult to track down the service that did the work. Worse are the fines that you could face if the work done is not up to safety code.

Written Guarantees and Warranties

Most professionals have written agreements that range from estimates to guarantees on the quality of their work. If you try to do repairs yourself, you have to continue to pay out of pocket for any further repairs that may result from improper air conditioning service. Having agreements in writing are great ways to protect yourself and make sure that you are paying for the agreed upon work.

There are many things around the house that you can do yourself. Air conditioner service should not be one of them. Professionals have the tools, training and more to keep your air conditioning unit running at its best. Trying to save a little money can cost you far more when you do not involve a professional service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Air conditioning maintenance plans make taking care of your HVAC a breeze

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Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months requires that your central air conditioning system be operating at maximum efficiency. Modern air conditioning systems are complex and comprised of many parts, including the outside compressor, the inside air handler, the ductwork, the thermostat and more. This is why it’s always smart to purchase a maintenance plan from a local HVAC company. These trained technicians can come by once or twice a year to check your system and make sure that everything is functioning properly.

Electronics Check

The technician will check your thermostat and other controls to confirm they are working properly, He will also check all of the electrical connections to make sure they are tight.

Moving Parts

During a maintenance check, the technician will check and adjust all of the moving parts, such as those in the air handler, to make sure they are moving freely. He will clean and lubricate these parts as well.


The technician will check and clean the condensate drain line for the system to main sure it is not backing up into the house.

Condenser Coils

An important part of the checkup is for the technician to clean the condenser coils. Dust, dirt or other debris that has collected on them can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the coils and cost you money.


While he is outside cleaning the coils, the technician can also check the compressor’s refrigerant levels and add more if necessary.

Ductwork Cleaning

You can also schedule a full ductwork cleaning if your ducts have become dusty. This is important, since dirty ducts blow dust throughout your home and can make allergies worse.

A good air conditioning maintenance plan with a reliable company is a great way to make sure your system is running efficiently. It also gives you peace of mind during the summer months, since you will know that you will be placed at the front of the line if there is an emergency.

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Homeowners should have some air conditioning troubleshooting skills

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How does a homeowner perform air conditioning troubleshooting?

An air conditioning system, whether central or a room unit, can last for a long time if it’s well serviced. Though some things, like an annual inspection, should be left to an HVAC professional, there are many things that the homeowner can do themselves over the year to make sure their air conditioner is in good working order. Here are some things a homeowner can do if the central AC system’s not running, if it runs but isn’t cooling, if it’s cycling too often, or if the cooling is uneven. There’s also a tip for troubleshooting a room unit.

• The AC Isn’t Running At All

This might be the result of the thermostat being set incorrectly or it might be the result of no power getting to the unit. The homeowner should check to see that the power is on by checking the main power switch and the circuit breakers. They should also make sure that the temperature of the room is above the thermostat’s setting.

• The AC is Running But Isn’t Cooling The Room

The unit might need refrigerant or there’s something interfering with the air flow. The homeowner should check to see that the filters are unclogged and the blower isn’t malfunctioning. They should clear away any blockages around the condensing unit. If the unit needs refrigerant, this needs to be done by a professional.

• The System Cycles Too Much

This might also be the result of a blocked airflow or a thermostat that’s not working. The homeowner should once again check to see that the air flow isn’t impeded, then check the thermostat.

• The AC Doesn’t Cool Evenly

For a central AC this means that the duct system needs balancing, or the AC isn’t powerful enough to cool all the rooms in the house evenly.

•A Room Unit Gurgles or Drips Down the Front

This might mean that the cabinet’s outer section isn’t sloping toward the condensate drain. The homeowner should turn off the unit and make sure, with a level, that it’s sloping properly. Also, the homeowner should make sure that the condensate drain isn’t clogged.

Solving Air Conditioning Problems

Learning some air conditioning troubleshooting skills will come in handy when your HVAC acts up.

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In the heat of the summer, you will definitely want your central air conditioning system to be working properly. Aside from the fact that it will help keep you and your family comfortable, it will also save you money and even protect your health. If your air conditioning system is not cooling your home as it should, there are a number of things you can look at when trying to pin down the cause.

Ductwork Leaks

The government estimates that in the average home in the United States around 20 percent of the conditioned air being pumped through ductwork is lost because of leaks. This means that the rooms will not be as comfortable as they should, and your bills will be unnecessarily high. You (or a professional) can check for leaks all along the ductwork by holding burning incense along the connections. Any movement in the smoke indicates a leak that should be sealed with mastic.


The filters in central air conditioning systems should be replaced or cleaned, depending on the type you use, every month or two. Otherwise, the airflow through your system can be reduced.

Return Air Ducts

If you find that the upper floors are not cooling sufficiently, it may be that your return air ducts are not functioning properly. The air return ducts carry the hot air from the second floor back down so it can be cooled. Make sure that they are installed in the correct location, which is near the ceiling. Ensure that nothing is blocking them.

Compressor Maintenance

There are several things that can go wrong with the outside compressor unit that might make your system less effective. However, most of these problems are best handled by a professional. For example, dirty coils or lower refrigerant pressure could both reduce the effectiveness of your system.

Finding the reason why your central air conditioning system is not performing as well as you would like usually requires a careful examination of the entire system. However, this is often the only way to zero in on the problem or problems.

Efficient Air Conditioning Options

Efficient air conditioning option

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In many parts of the country, a central air conditioning system is a necessity. This is especially that case if there are people in the home with health problems. However, some homes have features like multiple floors, large windows or room extensions that can make it difficult and expensive to cool them. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your air conditioning work more efficiently. Some of these can be used in combination.



In zoning, instead of having a single thermostat that controls all of the cooling in the home, there are several thermostats positioned throughout the home. Each controls the cooling for a section, or “zone”, in the home. When that part of the home requires cooling, the thermostat sends a signal to the air handler, which directs conditioned air to that zone.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are another way to make your air conditioner more efficient. Unlike older thermostats, smart thermostats can be programmed to have various cooling schedules during the week. For example, you can set them to let the home be slightly warmer when you are away from home. Smart thermostats can be accessed remotely using a phone application, which lets you reset the schedule if there is a change in plans.


Another way to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system is to change the medium that the heat pump uses for the heat exchange. Normally, this is in air, but you can get much greater efficiencies with a geothermal unit that does the heat exchange underground.

Solar Powered

Perhaps the best way to get maximum energy efficiency out of your air conditioning system is to make your own power for it. A small solar powered system on your roof can easily supply all of the power you need to keep your home cool all year.

Finding the right approach for getting greater efficiency from your home air conditioning system can sometimes require consulting a professional. A HVAV technician can use his years of experience and training to find the problems in your system and recommend the best solution.