Air Conditioning Brands

Air Conditioning Brands

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Three Different Air Conditioner Brands

There are different brands of air conditioners on the market today. Here are three different brands with unique abilities to save money on your electric bill while keeping you cool. Each is new on the market today. If you are planning to upgrade your system this year, invest in a model that will pay for itself.

The Lenox Solar Ready Air Conditioner

Lenox has married conventional solar air conditioning and solar power in a new unit. This is the first of its kind on the market today. The Solar-Ready air conditioner has a SEER rating of 24. This is the highest rating available. The unit is hooked up to two solar panels on the roof. The solar panels provide part of the unit’s power during the day. These units can save the average homeowner up to 60% on the air conditioning bill. Proper insulation is essential for the best savings.

Carrier’s Infinity System

The Infinity system is the first on the market to effectively maintain temperature, humidity, air speed and ventilation. It uses eco-friendly Puron as a refrigerant. This system is designed to eliminate static hot spots. Hot spots are those annoying places in the house that seem impossible to cool during the summer months. This unit is designed to operate most of the time in low mode while keeping the house cool. This saves money over the life of the unit. The best part of this unit is the quietness. At a mere 68 decibels, it is about as loud as a human conversation.

Coolerado’s M30 Air Conditioner

Coolerado has introduced a unit that claims it can cut air conditioning costs by as much as 90%. The M30 uses under 450 watts of power to cool the house. That’s less than a space heater, coffee pot or a ceiling fan. The evaporative cooler cools incoming air with a series of stages. The system is sized for houses 1,500 square feet and less. That means it is available for millions of homes across the United States.

No matter which unit you choose to add to your new or existing home, there are units available that will save enough money to pay for itself and keep earning you savings over years to come.

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