Energy Efficiency Heating

Energy Efficiency Heating

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One of the greatest expenses for homeowners can be the cost of heating their home during the winter season. This why smart homeowners look for ways to get the maximum use out of their heating dollar. There are many places you can look in your home to find these savings, from the HVAC system to the house itself.

Sealing Cracks

If you are going to hold onto in the heat your money is paying for, you will have to check your home for leaks and seal them. Air infiltration can cost you a huge part of your heating dollars. Start with the attic and work your way down through the entire house.

1. Seal small cracks with caulking

2. Seal larger cracks or gaps around incoming pipes or vents with cans of expanding foam.

3. Also check the foundation seal plate for a gap and fill this with foam as well.


Aside from heat that you lose through cracks and gaps, you can also lose heat directly through the walls if you have little or no insulation.

1. Check your attic insulation and make sure it meets the Department of Energy requirements for the zone you are in. You can use either rolled or loose fill insulation.

2. Check the insulation in your walls by either removing an outlet plate or by cutting a small hole you will later cover. If you need wall insulation, a contractor can blow in loose fill or expanding foam.

HVAC Maintenance

A few simple maintenance tasks can make your heating system much more efficient.

1. Replace the filter in your central air system every month or two.

2. If you use a heat pump for heating, have a professional clean the coils on the compressor, since dirt and dust can reduce its efficiency.

Making sure your heating system is working properly makes your home more comfortable and saves you money. It even helps to protect the environment, since it means your home will have a smaller carbon footprint.

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