Options for a New Air Conditioner

Options for a New Air Conditioner

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Choosing Amongst Your Air Conditioner Options

When you’re making the choice to purchase a new air conditioning unit, you have multiple options to consider. Depending on the construction of your home, your particular climate management needs, or energy usage concerns, you may possibly prefer one type of air conditioner over another. The following descriptions of common air conditioner types will prove helpful in choosing the one that’s best for your personal use.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning systems are the most conventionally popular solutions for home usage. They consist of an outside condensing unit which pumps compressed air into an interior evaporative unit. From the evaporative unit, cool air is produced throughout the building. It is possible to section off the output of a central system between floors of a building, if desired. Properly installed and adjusted for its building, the central system is very efficient, quiet, comfortable and durable.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Split or ductless air conditioning systems are a smaller version of the central system, with an evaporative unit based in an individual room and a smaller condensing unit connecting from the outside. A common example of a ductless system is the wall-mounted air conditioner you see in hotel rooms across the nation. This type of unit can provide a cost-effective and low-noise alternative to central systems, especially in smaller residences and those that lack ductwork.

Window Air Conditioning

A window air conditioning unit, which is technically known as a unitary system, is a full-service compact box that is typically mounted within a window. It contains all the necessary components for refrigeration, emitting opposite temperatures out of both ends as needed.

Portable Air Conditioning

A portable system is a mobile unit that connects to an external hose to emit heat outside while cooling the interior. Portable systems can be exceptionally noisy, but they are also useful for cooling individual rooms that are difficult to make comfortable.

With the knowledge in this list, making a final decision among your air conditioning system choices should be a snap.

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