Repairing Your Home Air Conditioner

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A broken air conditioning system can be a headache for many homeowners and their families. While some AC problems may require the assistance of a professional, there are number of troubleshooting steps one can take at his or her home.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning air conditioning system are dirty air filters. Air filters are usually found at the intake point of an AC system. In some cases, an air filter may be installed before the air circulation unit in a home. The air circulation system can usually be found in a home’s basement or attic.

Over time, dust and debris can reduce airflow throw an air conditioning system. This can put excessive stress on the air circulation motor in an AC system. In addition to reducing energy efficiency, poor air flow can reduce the expected life of an AC system. Since a clogged filter will reduce air flow through an air circulation unit, this can put excessive strain on a fan motor assembly. In addition to higher power usage, this can reduce the useful life of an air circulation fan.

Air Circulation Fans and Central Air Circulation Systems

It’s also important to make sure that an air conditioning system has adequate Freon for proper operation. A normal AC system works by compressing and decompressing Freon gas. As Freon gas is compressed, it absorbs heat. However, as Freon gas decompresses, it becomes extremely cold. Without proper levels of Freon gas in a home’s AC system, it may not be possible to have proper air conditioner operation.

In addition, it’s essential to make sure that there is no damage to an AC unit’s ventilation system. The duct work in a home is liable to damage from rodents, squirrels, cats and some insects. In these situations, mice or other rodents may leave droppings inside a home’s air conditioning ducts. Over time, these droppings can create a dangerous type of fungus. Exposure to black mold can be a serious problem in many homes. Contact a professional air conditioning company for more information.

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