Standard Furnace Repair Needs

Standard Furnace Repair Needs

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Common Furnace Repair and Maintenance Needs

Few things can cause a headache for a homeowner than a faulty furnace. A heating system in need of repair or maintenance can be especially troublesome if it happens in a cold part of the country in the middle of the winter. Nobody wants to think about how cold a house can get without a working furnace, but fortunately repairing and maintaining such a unit doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. All it usually takes is some preventative maintenance and the ability to recognize and fix some of the more common furnace repair needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Like most complicated machinery, a furnace will remain in good working order as long as you take the time to perform regular maintenance on it. Simply scheduling a tune-up with an HVAC technician can help cut down on your energy costs by five to ten percent in addition to catching potential problems before they arise. You can also help to avoid a lot of problems simply by changing your furnace’s air filters regularly. Technicians report that as many as half of all repair calls they receive are caused by filters not being changed, so it is always best to stay on top of this.

Check the Pilot Light

Gas furnaces need to have a pilot light lit in order to work properly. If a furnace is not generating heat, it is often because the pilot light has gone out. Lighting the pilot light is usually a simple matter. Read the instructions of your furnace to learn how to do this.

Make Sure the Vents Aren’t Blocked

One of the more common problems that can befall a furnace is that it simply doesn’t generate enough heat. While this can be because the heat needs to be turned up, sometimes the problem can also be caused by vents being blocked by furniture or curtains. Make sure the vents are kept clear before you call a technician.

These are some of the more common problems that can occur with a furnace. They aren’t generally difficult to fix, but they should be considered before any more costly repair calls are made or before they become more serious problems.

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