Reviews: Bryant Air Conditioner; Is This High-End Brand Worth It?

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When it comes to buying an air conditioner unit, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options available.

However, we all know that shopping for an AC unit is easier said than done.

There’s a massive variety of air conditioners in the market across many different types, models, and brands.

With that said, it’s a good idea to narrow down your choices by selecting a type of AC, then go with a certain brand.

If you are in the market for a good central air conditioning unit, you might want to take a look at what the brand Bryant has to offer.

For today’s article, we’re going to highlight the Bryant brand of central air conditioners. We’re going to talk a bit about the company, discuss what we liked and didn’t like, provide some recommendations from the Bryant air conditioner line, then highlight a couple of consumer reviews.

About the Bryant Brand

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Bryant is actually a brand that is owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), which coincidentally also owns Carrier. With that said, almost 95% of the AC models are identical between Carrier and Bryant.

From Bryant’s About Page:

Value for homeowners has always been a driving force behind Bryant designs and technology. From the development of the 80% efficiency boiler to adapting to the ever-changing market by offering smart technology and more, Bryant has a history of being committed to providing a wide range of products that meet homeowner needs and exceed expectations.

Bryant is not just a manufacturer of AC units but is more of a comprehensive HVAC brand. So, if you prefer, you may also install an AC, gas furnace, thermostat and indoor air quality equipment from the Bryant brand and you’ll have an interlinked system. This helps you to maximize performance and energy efficiency.

Bryant central AC units are a great option if you are looking for a model that features better-than-average efficiency and ozone-safe refrigerant. Most, if not all, of Bryant’s air conditioner models have met the guidelines for an Energy Star certification.

Reviewing the Bryant Air Conditioner Units

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Bryant is known for their high-quality and energy efficient central air conditioners. For this review, we’ll talk about what we love and didn’t love about this AC brand.

What We Liked About Bryant

1. Reputable Name

Bryant may not be popular among most people, but it’s actually a rather reputable name in the HVAC industry.

Again, this company is also owned by UTC which also owns other well-known brands like Carrier, Payne and Heil. They have been around in the business developing and delivering reliable products which are 100% tested before they even leave the factory.

This is why many HVAC contractors and dealers tend to gravitate towards Bryant for providing the best AC units for their clients. While the company does offer high-quality products and solutions, they can all be availed at a much reasonable price.

What we have here is a company with a solid reputation that also provides high-quality and reliable products. There have been some bad reviews about Bryant, but we found out that they’re mainly due to bad installations.

2. Good Range of Products

As mentioned, Bryant only offers central air conditioners, so if you’re looking for window-mounted or portable units, then you should look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a range of AC units that can provide cool comfort for your whole house, you should check out what Bryant has to offer.

Fortunately, Bryant offers a good range of air conditioning units.

There are actually three main categories of Bryant air conditioners: Evolution, Preferred, and Legacy.


This is the high-end offering of Bryant which includes variable-speed as well as 1- and 2-stage units. This line features the most efficient model which is 21 SEER and can be remotely operated with the Evolution Connex control. Below is the complete list of AC units from the Evolution line:

MODEL SEER Rating Sound Rating (decibels) Compressor Type
189BNV up to 19 as low as 56 Variable-Speed
180B up to 21 as low as 66 Two-Stage
180C                     up to 20.5 as low as 58 Variable-Speed
187B                     up to 17.0 as low as 70 Two-Stage
186B     up to 16 as low as 68 Single-Stage


This series of ACs s are a mix of single-stage and two-stage models which usually run on low most of the time. However, when it’s time to cool your home, they quickly shift to high capacity cooling. This series is designed to operate consistently and quietly with SEER ratings up to 17 SEER.

Before you go for this series, make sure that it’s eligible for installation in your area. This is because some of the models have not met the minimum efficiency standards in areas like the Southeast or Southwest regions. Below is the complete list of units from the Preferred series:

MODEL SEER Rating Sound Rating (decibels) Compressor Type
127A up to 17 as low as 72 Two-Stage
126CNA up to 17 as low as 68 Single-Stage
126B up to 16 as low as 72 Single-Stage
124ANS up to 14 as low as 66 Single-Stage
123A up to 13 as low as 74 Single-Stage
538A up to 13 as low as 66 Single-Stage


This is Bryant’s entry-level series with affordable units that have single-stage compressors. Although they are not that powerful, they can still provide a fairly decent cost-efficient cooling for your home. The most efficient unit can deliver up to 16.5 SEER rating.

Again, some Legacy models might not be suitable in some regions because they don’t meet the minimum efficiency standards. So, it’s always best to do your research before dealing with a Legacy dealer. Here’s the complete list of units from the Legacy series:

MODEL SEER Rating Sound Rating (decibels) Compressor Type
106A up to 16 as low as 72 Single-Stage
116B up to 16 as low as 76 Single-Stage
105A 14 as low as 72 Single-Stage
114CNC 14 as low as 73 Single-Stage
114C 14 as low as 72 Single-Stage
113A 13 as low as 72 Single-Stage

3. Multiple-Stage Cooling

Personally, I like Bryant because of their single and multiple stage cooling units.

I prefer multi-stage cooling units instead of single-stage ones because it helps you save more in the long run. Multi-stage systems are simply more efficient because the user can easily regulate the level at which the AC operates and make it work at different power levels.

In addition, achieving the right indoor humidity is much easier with a double-stage cooling unit.

Unfortunately, not all Bryant models that multi-stage cooling. Most Evolution units are multi-stage, the Preferred series only has one multi-stage, and none for the Legacy series. As you might have guessed, the presence of multi-stage cooling means more expensive price as well. However, it’s a good investment if you’re looking to lower your operation costs.

What We Didn’t Like About Bryant

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1. Expensive

Although many of Bryant’s ACs have good quality and reliability, most of their products are quite expensive. While I don’t mind spending good money on higher-end models, I still find it hard to pay around $1,700 and that’s just for one of their Legacy models. Needless to say, if you want a Preferred or Evolution unit, be prepared to pay more or less $2,000.

2. Hard to Find Dealers

Since Carrier and Bryant’s models are very identical, UTC won’t allow Bryant products to be sold anywhere near a Carrier dealer. I suspect that works the other way around as well.

Because of this, it can be difficult to find a Bryant contractor. Most Bryant ACs can only be bought through the company’s network of certified dealers. So, finding out the price for the models can be tedious since you need to call or invite a Bryant sales representative to your home.

3. Warranty

Bryant’s warranty policy can be downright baffling, if not frustrating.

If you’re going to get an Evolution or Preferred unit, you’ll have the 10-year warranty which is standard for many companies. However, if you choose to get a Legacy model, be prepared to settle for the 5-year warranty. Five years warranty is simply not enough especially when air conditioners have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Best Bryant Air Conditioner Units

Which are the best products of this brand? Here are our top picks:

1. Evolution 2-Stage Air Conditioner Model 180B

The Evolution 2-Stage Air Conditioner Model 180B is Bryant’s most efficient unit and is rated at 21 SEER and up to 15 EER efficiency. This is a 2-stage operation AC which means that comfort cycles are more consistent for better savings and comfort.

It also acts as an effective summer dehumidifier and features a quiet operation as low as 66 dB (about as quiet as a vacuum). It’s also Wi-Fi compatible so you can remotely program and control the unit from anywhere in your home.

It makes use of environmentally-sound Puron refrigerant and comes with a 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration.

2. Evolution Variable-Speed Air Conditioner Model 189BNV

The Evolution Variable-Speed Air Conditioner Model 189BNV is an amazing variable-speed unit that features a 19 SEER rating and up to 13 EER rating efficiency. Due to the variable speed, the unit is even more flexible with its operation, giving you better savings and a more customized cooling comfort.

It utilizes the Evolution Connex control for a reliable dehumidification that works wonders for zoned systems. It is also one of the quietest Bryant ACs available at 56 dB.

Bryant Reviews and Feedback

Like most AC brands, Bryant has its fair share of satisfied and pissed customers. Below are some of the positive feedback we’ve found regarding the brand:

If you want a quiet central air conditioning unit with an array of energy-saving features, Bryant central air conditioners are a decent option. Bryant features units with a specialized louvered coil guard, better-than-average energy efficiency and ozone-safe refrigerant. – John Carlsen

We had a 16-year mid-level furnace and A/C. The A-coil finally got a hole in it and leaked freon, our first major problem. We replaced the entire system with the Evolution and have already noticed a big difference in the energy bill – for our good. The furnace never needed a service call but we decided to replace both at once. I am really looking forward to seeing how my heating bill will be affected. – S. Woods

On the other hand, there’s no shortage of downright critical reviews about the brand. Most of which involve the limited warranty and poor customer service:

My Evolution four-ton unit is almost four years old. The air compressor died. The parts are covered but labor and Puron cost $1,400. My brother has the same unit and his compressor also failed. Bryant knows they have sold junk and don’ t care. I would never by another Bryant product, and advise you to do the same. – M. Leonard

Installed my Bryant system in 2007, 5 years later my compressor and wire harness must be replaced. The cost to me for parts and labor is $3,095.81. My dealer serviced this unit every year and told me it was fine, and then out of nowhere, it burnt up. While the compressor is still under warranty, my dealer has no explanation why this happened and that’s the best they can do. Do not buy this Bryant a/c product. I only use it 4 months outof a year!!! – J. Ryan

What We Think

Based on the tests and research, the Bryant air conditioner line has performed well.

Keep in mind that this is a higher-end brand which means that you are unlikely to find a cheap AC from them.

However, the premium price tag is quite justified because they make air conditioning units that have high reliability and above average efficiency.

With the right care and maintenance, a Bryant AC will last you a long while.

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